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Everyone has heard the saying: the customer is always right. But we all know real life isn’t always that simple. For e-commerce companies that often rely on customer return, customer satisfaction can be a rather difficult and complex endeavor.

Wholeheartedly thinking about customers is the business motto of many large companies in japan.
Wholeheartedly thinking about customers is the business motto of many large companies in japan.

In particular, digitizing companies face special challenges to maintain customer satisfaction because there is almost no face-to-face interaction and orders often involve products or services. Invisible. What’s more, these companies are also always located in a deeply social position where feedback is ubiquitous. Dissatisfied customers can quickly find a common forum to voice their negative opinions anonymously.

How can a digital company maintain customer satisfaction with so many roadblocks around? The answer is too simple: make your customer service human. Just because a company can survive in the cloud doesn’t mean everything is or should be automated. The following are examples I have found to be quite helpful in maintaining customer satisfaction.

Don’t Stop at Being Friendly Be a Friend

Express your own style and exchange with customers. Take all the time you have to create your own voice when designing logos and brand fonts, as well as when building marketing resources. Why not apply this mindset to your customer service ?

You can refer to the customer service that subiz is Phone Number List applying. All interactions are received quickly and quite friendly by subiz. Not only stopping at requests from users, subiz considers each interaction as an opportunity to understand customers, grasp usage status and from there have solutions for users to develop effectively. Best.

In interacting with customers, subiz always puts herself in the direct situation of how to behave when meeting a person in need, rather than automated emails and lack of emotion.

Quality and Quantity

Phone Number List

This is a familiar scenario: a customer needs help and is complaining loudly. You’re struggling to find a way to solve the problem as quickly as possible, but it’s taking longer than expected. What should I do? Instead of procrastinating on a customer service issue because you haven’t found a solution, take a few minutes to send an email apologizing for the incident and making it clear that you’re doing your best to find a solution to the root cause. Problem.

Let customers know their request is being CRYP Email List processed as quickly as possible.
Let customers know their request is being processed as quickly as possible.

Who says you have to get everything done in just one email? Avoid overly general reactions, use the customer’s first name and thank them for raising an issue that needs your attention. Building a relationship where both parties are acknowledged and treated as a person will only benefit your company. Check in often, be honest if you have to procrastinate, and build a good relationship. These are all steps taken by a company with a more humane brand.


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