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40 Persuasion Techniques ideas for AB test

Sciences of persuasion: Origins and utility
our purchases are impulsive, we think we are rational but we are not at all. ( research ) This is why in neuromarketing we study how to guide choices.

Waffle princes aren’t the only hooks of persuasion. Both the Nobel prize ” slow and fast thoughts” Daniel Kahneman (1998) and ” nudge, the gentle push ” give us other interesting techniques. Then there are the congitive biases , other elements to play with. But what do we do with these theories? someone uses Indonesia Mobile Number List them to cheat users, but we offer them in an ethical guise. You need to know them to help them choose. There are so many elements (the book of the Nobel prize is almost 600 pages), we will explain them, we will cite academic sources and we will give some examples of AB tests that we have produced in these years of work. It is not a list to learn, but to have on hand when you want to test optimizations on the site. In short, it is to be used as an inspiration.

Persuasion techniques: the great list

Focus Effect : we only pay attention to a few things. it follows from using 3 elements in comparison, to focus on the elements of differentiation
Remind the returning visitor when they were back.
Self generation affect effect: if we understand it we like it better (also called the IKEA effect ). It is therefore useful to ask consumers questions, to participate in processes, or to have them personalize products/services.
Affect Heuristic : We decide differently based on emotional state. this results in the use of melancholy or unhappy emotions when the user, for example, wants to unsubscribe
Facial Distraction : We can’t resist looking at faces. hence the importance of using the lees to attract attention and to direct the

Gaze Towards Elements of Interest.

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Attentional Bias : We pay attention to the things that affect us emotionally. Hence the importance of combining the brand with a positive emotion.
Fear Appeals : We fight threats only if we’ve been told Cryp Email List how to defeat them. We can use users’ fears to reinforce the message.
Reflection Effect: We are risk averse when we have something to gain, but seek risk when we have something to lose. it follows that when we want to persuade a user to buy it is better to use the values, when he has to do something.

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