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An Investment is That Satisfies

In other words, money has to be constantly invested in order to increase it. Investments have become an integral part of the country’s economy as they provide the tangible and intangible assets needed for further growth. Below we will consider what investments are, their types, and what is more profitable to invest in.

Investment is the long-term profitable investment of start-up funds in Armenia Mobile Number List commercial, industrial, agricultural and other fields in order to obtain dividends or profits.
Investments can be in cash, stocks, bonds, securities, loans, vehicles, movable property, and more. Case in point: For athletes, regular training is an investment in future victories.

The Following Conditions:

Deposits generate profits for investors; capital investments typically have a term of one year or more;
clear direction and understanding where to invest free money;

The most popular of these are trend/countertrend and sideways trading. The vast majority of currency players trade this way, sometimes without even wondering what it’s . Or maybe you don’t  need to know  the main thing is the steady income that comes with trading and the moral satisfaction that comes with work.

Trend and counter-trend strategies
are  in the process of market games and complement each other in different time periods to form an overall picture. Assuming that the major currency pair EUR/USD is in a downtrend on the lower timeframe H1, we use the simplest and most intuitive ZigZag trend indicator with input parameters (35-5-3) to determine which.

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This setting assumes a wider range of intermediate extremes over time intervals to filter out excess “market noise”. Trends look clearer in the direction of extreme beams, but are harder to enter due to feature Cryp Email List delays and the risk of encountering reversals.

For Short-term Scalping Traders

Is an excuse to follow the trend strategy to sell the currency pair when the ZigZag is pointing down. But at the same time, the mid-term trader who was working on the earlier 4-hour time frame is also trading within his trend, which is rising on the H4 chart with ZigZag up.

Therefore, he is looking for an opportunity to buy EUR/USD on the current pullback. So it turns out that short-term shorting in H1 is a trend strategy, and mid-term H4 is a counter-trend strategy, and vice versa. If the position is in time, the trader will make a profit if they set a profit in  the minimum value for a short position and the maximum value for a long position as manycoming from to use main rule here is that the trend will  not change direction. But we should also not forget about the stop loss, because sooner or later there will be a reversal.

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