Brand positioning: explanations and strategies

When you always hear about competition, in practical terms it indicates the . Positioning of a product or a brand compared to its competitors. In 1981 the word positioning corresponded to the process of placing a product in the consumer’s mind. Today this definition has changed, in the sense that by brand positioning we mean the company’s decision regarding . The choice of brand/product benefits that can make it gain a distinctive place in the market . Let us help ourselves with these four questions to better understand what is meant by positioning:

  • A brand for what? It is used to identify the benefits

  • that the customer would derive if he bought that specific brand;
  • A brand for whom? That is, what are the target segments;
  • A brand, when? It refers to the situation of use or consumption;
  • A brand against whom? Direct competitors are alluded to.

Therefore, the positioning strategy is the operating method adopted by a company to introduce a differentiation strategy based on an internal analysis of the company’s strengths and weaknesses, the competitive Canada Mobile Database context and the type of distinctive and unique benefit that the brand can provide the customer . The company’s goal is to clearly communicate this element of differentiation to potential customers, so that it is clear and outlined in their mind: in this way we have the brand image or the image that the consumer perceives in his mind.

There are several ways to position a brand, the main ones being:

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  • product differentiation : it is the most classic way, through which the benefits of the product are leveraged, such as performance, longevity, design, reliability. For example, Duracell batteries differ from their competitors Cryp Email List thanks to their unsurpassed duration
  • price differentiation : price is used to differentiate from direct competitors. There are different strategies based on the price, for example you can decide to apply the highest price in the category (just think of the giant Cartier in the jewelry sector SEE Cartier ), or the highest value of money as IKEA does , finally also the lowest price low in the category (let’s take Ryanair as an example SEE Ryanair );
  • image differentiation : in many sectors brands are not distinguishable by tangible characteristics. The difference is obtained through the image, as for example Crodino, who is now going crazy with the advertising starring Owen Wilson in the part of the Blond, watch the video .

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