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Civil Code of the Russian Federation

Investors’ rights
Federal Law No. 39 “On investment activities in the form of capital investments in the Russian Federation” contains a list of rights of investors conducting investment activities in the Russian Federation. Investors have the right to:

engage in investment-related activities, except where prohibited by law.
Independently calculate the amount of investment assets and their focus.
Consolidation of own assets with funds of other investors in order to increase capital investment in accordance with the
The possession, use and disposal of objects of financing, and the results of their activities.
Control the targeted use of investment funds.
The transfer of the rights to manage and dispose of the investment object to a third party or authority.

Investor Type

There are many types of investors that differ in both the ultimate goal of investing and the means by which this goal is achieved:

private. This is a rather general concept, since among these financiers there are both novice and experienced investors, who strictly follow the rules and laws of such activities.

foreign. These are persons engaged in financing on the territory of another Georgia Mobile Number List country. Attracting foreign capital brings huge advantages to economic entities.
institutional. This is the asset manager. This is  what happens through the accumulation and transfer of capital from private to public investors
strategy. The entity’s primary goal is to gain full control over the object of funding. This includes the acquisition or takeover of a company or business.

direct. This is a person who finances a part or share of the authorized capital of an economic entity and buys its shares for further resale.
finance. Preference for investing in securities, financial instruments Cryp Email List and other economic assets. The income of financial investors consists of changes in stock market quotes.

Forex Investors Specialize in

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People who invest in tools and methods related to currencies. A narrow type of activity that will lead to good passive income in the future.

qualified. This is a specialist who is licensed and has the necessary experience to trade in the securities market.
start a business. A person who finances innovative activities and new investment projects to generate income from the promotion and development of enterprises. This type of financial activity carries a high degree of risk.

potential. Someone who has the assets needed to turn a business idea into reality.
personal. Usually this is an individual, very few coming from to useanswer is a legal entity, which is a small segment in the investment market.
Co-investors are the main body of investment activities, and their rights to investment targets are based on joint investment agreements with general investors.

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