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Consumer Communities and Virtual Communities 5 reasons to create one for your business

Consumer communitiesthey determine constraints, but also direct and immediate . Opportunities since they not only contribute to the formation of needs and attitudes. But intervene in a substantial and effectively perceptible way in consumer choices. They are therefore real vectors through which the characteristics of . The macro environment are transferred to the individual,. Just think of the intergenerational relationships regarding clothing choices. Let’s talk about consumer communities, but also of the family since there are multiple aspects of the interaction between the individual and his immediate referents which can manifest a need for belonging (how to assume behaviors consistent with those of people close to us) or autonomy (how to assume differentiated behaviors for the purpose to affirm our individuality) that are belonging to both concepts. Consumer communities or consumer subculturesthey are able to bring together individuals who share the same culture .

Similar to the consumer subculture is the brand community 

Which does not reject elements of the surrounding culture, but makes them its own. It is specialized as it is formed around a branded product or service. In this case the meaning of the brand is reproduced and transmitted inside and outside the community itself. Furthermore, within these communities it is possible to identify a sort of shared moral responsibility which Armenia Mobile Number List materializes in actions aimed at integrating new consumers of the brand, maintaining current consumers, as well as assisting other members of the community in using the product. Let’s think about the Apple communities, apple lovers and the numerous forums that exist on the web to help people choose models or even just to praise them. However, this shared moral responsibility can also express itself in a negative sense.

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When we speak of consumer communities we also speak of tribes ,

introduced in the literature on consumer behavior by Cova (1997) tribes are    a set of individuals not necessarily homogeneous (in terms of objective social characteristics), but interrelated by a single subjectivity , an affective drive Cryp Email List or a common ethos”. the difference compared to other types of communities is that they are characterized by a shared passion/emotion, they don’t like taking on too rigid rules, the element that binds the members together is not a product or a brand, but extends to a practice /passion.

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