The relentless ring. The robotic pitch. The ever-present urge to press “9” in hopes of silencing the telemarketer. But does this tactic actually work?

Telemarketer Calls? Unmasking the Myth

Spoiler alert: it’s a bit more complicated than that. Here’s a breakdown of why pressing “9” might not be your golden ticket to telemarketer-free bliss.

The Misunderstood “9”: Debunking the Myth

  • A Function, Not a Magic Button: Pressing “9” on a dial pad simply sends the tone “9” as if you were dialing a number. It doesn’t The Department of Health also necessarily connect you to a ” from the telemarketer’s database.

  • Varying Systems and Practices: Some automated systems might interpret “9” as a request to be removed, but this is not a universally accepted practice.

SG Phone List

Do Not Call” list or remove you

  • The Risk of Confirmation: In some How Services Can Receive SMS cases, pressing “9” might actually confirm that your number is active, leading to more calls!

Better Strategies for Combating Telemarketers:

  • National Do Not Call Registry: The National Do Not Call Registry is a legitimate and free resource that significantly reduces telemarketing calls from legitimate companies.

  • Call Blocking Apps: Explore reputable call blocking apps for your smartphone. These can identify and block spam calls, including those from telemarketers.

  • Be Wary of “Press 9” Prompts: Don’t engage with prompts asking you to press “9” to remove your number. It might be a tactic to confirm a live answer.

What You Can Do When Calls Persist:

  • Report Violations: If you receive calls despite being on the Do Not Call Registry, report the violation to the FTC . crack down on telemarketers.

This helps enforce regulations and

  • Consider Legal Action: In some cases, persistent and harassing calls might warrant legal action. Consulting with a lawyer specializing in consumer protection can help explore your options.

Remember: Knowledge is Power

Understanding the limitations of pressing “9” empowers you to fight back against telemarketers.

National Do Not Call Registry

By utilizing the , exploring call blocking technology, and reporting violations, you can reclaim your peace of mind and silence the unwanted calls.

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