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Entrepreneur Visa in Spain

What is the entrepreneur visa?

The entrepreneur visa is the residence permit granted to non-EU foreigners (from outside the European Union) who want to develop their entrepreneurial business activity in Spain .

In other words, it is a  residence for three years (with the possibility of renewal at the end of this term) that you can get as long as you set up your business in Spanish territory, which must be totally innovative and different from what already exists in the market .

Throughout this article we will see what exactly

Are the valid business ideas to request this permit and we will place special emphasis on that aspect.

Well, this is perhaps the most fundamental point when applying for this residence, since not any type of business allows a successful application .

However, and in a very summarized way, thanks to the law created in 2013 for the internationalization of entrepreneurs and foreign investment, it is currently possible to obtain China Mobile Number Database residence in Spain if you set up a startup or company with a very innovative and technological nature ; and you will do it thanks to this visa for entrepreneurs.

Let’s see the main requirements that will allow you to achieve it.

Entrepreneur visa requirements

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On the one hand, it is completely true that to obtain this visa there is no minimum investment (neither in the company nor in the country in general), and that you do not need to have any worker for your application to be

However, this might not be the right option in many cases.

Due to the complicated requirements of this residence Cryp Email List permit, it is very likely that the business idea you had in mind is not valid to get your application

Therefore, you will need to make sure that you meet the requirements below to avoid wasting time and money on an application that will end up being.

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