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These issues can easily arise not only from hacking, but also from accidental deletion of content. If you’re migrating to a new web host, you’ll also need a recent backup of your content. This means everything, including images. But whatever the situation, preparing a backup shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.

Optimized images allow you to create backups much faster, allowing you to get your site back up and running quickly and easily. Image optimization is therefore not only essential for SEO, but also essential for keeping your site running in the event of a disaster or a change in web host.

More successful thumbnail photos

Interestingly, images take up a large portion of the world’s bandwidth. Image optimization Ws Database concerns all aspects of an image. This includes adjusting web images to use the best resolution, format, and size while keeping the file size small. One of the benefits of this is reduced bandwidth usage.

An adequate amount of bandwidth is essential for your website to run properly and smoothly, but too much can be problematic. If you exceed the bandwidth of your web hosting plan, your site will be shut down. This will have serious implications for your business.

However, images with the same resolution but scaled for different screen sizes are not optimal. The additional bandwidth may offset any loading time savings. Rather, save bandwidth by choosing an appropriate image format.

Perfect for assistive technology

Image optimization is not just about optimizing images. It’s also about helping others CRYP Emai Llis access your content. I would like to illustrate this with an example of assistive technology. While this technology is gaining popularity with users across the board, those who stand to benefit the most are those with disabilities.

As more and more people enter the digital world, the number of elderly and disabled people online is also increasing. Assistive technology is widely used by these people, especially those who are visually impaired.

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