How to do a Competitor Analysis 11 Must-Have Online Tools

Every time we are doing an analysis on one of the 4 Ps (price, promotion, placement, product) or the 6 Cs (consumer, content, community…) of your business, you need to contextualize your data and compare them to the average sector or more specifically to your competitors.

Usefulness of a competitor analysis

In other words, Doing a competitor analysis  and compiling a list can be very  useful  as you can find out:

  • what services they offer compared to you and their competitive advantage
  • the pricing strategy
  • their online presence on PPC, SEO and SOCIAL

Competitor analysis tools

Thanks to the internet and the sharing of information, we have the possibility of carrying out a competitor analysis in a few hours and using all the  online tools available  (we prefer them  free ).

1 . the first online tool is called  SEMRUSH , it is one of the most used as the free Armenia Mobile Number List version offers a lot of information that other services do not offer, as well as the exclusive possibility of examining market by market. The information you can find are:

  • research competitors who offer a similar service to yours
  • estimated site traffic
  • presence on PPC
  • presence on organic search
  • keywords used
  • links


2 . The second tool (my favourite) is called  SIMILARWEB , it offers less information than SEMRUSH (specialized in SEO and SEM), but it largely surpasses it on the graphic level. If you need an analysis to present to your boss Cryp Email List that isn’t too full of numbers, this is the tool for you. The information you can find are:

  • estimated site visits
  • average time spent on site
  • bounce rate
  • subdomain
  • traffic sources
  • links
  • geographical map
  • SOCIAL presence, PPC and SEO
  • mobile applications
  • similar sites

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3 . the third tool is called  COMPETE , excellent both in terms of graphics and information. In my opinion it finds competitors more similar and relevant than other sites.In other words,  If you have to spend on a paid version, I strongly recommend this online tool as the most complete, concise and reliable.


4 . the fourth is called TRACKMAVEN , excellent for SOCIAL and CONTENT analyses, you can also find some reports, case studies and templates for competitive analysis. 

5 .  WAYBACKMACHINE  and allows you to see what the website was like in the past years and therefore what changes they have made.


6 .In other words, In other words, QUANTCAST  similar to the first ones, very good for demographic segmentation and traffic, unfortunately it doesn’t always work in Italy.

7 . SPYFU  In other words, excellent for keyword research and ranking of every single page. You will also find competitors’ Ads and links

8 . In other words, if you want to know more about the site owner you can use  WHOIS  and BUILTWITH a chorme extension that tells you srver, theme, plugins and much more installed on that site.

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