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Inseparability Between Production and Consumption


  • Physical link between the service provider and the service
  • Consumer participation in the production process
  • Participation of other consumers in the production process
  • Particular problems of mass production of services, the human component influences the standard


  • Selection and training of contact personnel
  • Management and “education” of consumers
  • Multi-location strategy, Having multiple delivery locations to satisfy the various customer groups


services cannot be conserved, therefore their unused potential cannot be accumulated.

In other words, Supply and demand sync issues:

  • D>max level O: customers will first be informed of this excess demand and will be directed to another company with which there are collaboration and partnership relationships (for example, if a hotel is USA Phone Number List full, I’ll send you to the one next door). In this case, the customer does not see a disservice, he feels he is late (it should have been organized earlier!), but the company’s desire to satisfy the customer can be seen all the same and does not ruin the image
  • D>optimum level O. in a completely full hotel, you don’t have time to clean all the rooms in the morning, right? In this case the service is no longer aligned with the standard and negative publicity is created. In Cryp Email List other words, A service should be sized in anticipation of the moments of greatest crowding, in order not to create disruptions precisely in a critical and important moment

Synchromarketing problem solutions:

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  1. Demand strategy
  • Flexible pricing
  • Reservation system
  • Development of complementary services (e.g. aperitif room of a restaurant)
  • Development of demand during periods of lower affluence; consists in using the downtime of the services to prepare in advance for the peak period (e.g. faculty café) or to target market segments with different demand mechanisms (e.g. pizzeria lunch and dinner)
  1. Offer strategy
  • Employment of part-time staff
  • Sharing facilities with another company (e.g. surgery centres)
  • Use of third parties (e.g. travel agencies that sell airline tickets)
  • Increased consumer participation

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