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The conclusion of individual insurance benefits means for you High expenditure of time Taking out personal insurance is time-consuming Choosing the right insurance takes a lot of time (range of services and market comparison) High costs Individual solutions are usually significantly more expensive Employee resources are tid up with HR or the travel manager Elaborate administration Traveling employees must pay in advance and submit detaild reports including receipts Insurance policies that are taken out using an AirPlus.

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Corporate Card always offer inclusive and comprehensive protection for employees when traveling at home and abroad with transport Latest Mailing Database and travel accident insurance.  The supervisor or the travel manager no longer has to take action before every business trip! As soon as the travel services are paid for with the AirPlus Corporate Cards, your travelers can enjoy this generous insurance. The AirPlus Corporate Card thus simplifies the preparation and the business trip itself and guarantees optimal security worldwide.

Latest Mailing Database

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The insurance includes the following benefits. Protection against accidents on business trips (transport and travel accident insurance. Accident-relatd additional benefits.  Such as return transport. And repatriation costs Mdical costs CRYP Email List for stays abroad salvage costs. Compensation for delayd or missd connections. Compensation for delayd or damagd baggage It is also possible to take out other services, such as travel health insurance abroad.

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