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Money makes happiness right Think Again – The Economic Theory Of Happiness

Erlastin’s paradox, better known as ” the paradox of happiness .Is an economic theory built on empirical and scientific foundations which maintains that in certain cases happiness, understood as . Individual well-being, does not increase proportionally to income : but the variables of relational goods and lifestyle are decisively inserted into the relationship between income and happiness . But why are we more unhappy if we earn more?

It happens that the pursuit of possession of material goods requires those.  Who are prey to work more and more to earn what is needed to consume more and more, leaving aside friendships and affections. The Mexico Mobile Number List time and attention devoted to work and consumption replace the time and attention devoted to family . And social relationships which end up going into crisis: thus, to obtain limited . Satisfaction over time, one inflicts lasting unhappiness on oneself.

There is therefore a point beyond which the growth of goods brings unhappiness and not happiness ‘

Today there are more and more counter-tendencies to the widespread model of capitalism.  For example we recall the economic theory of gratuity, Freemium , according to which the cost of goods on the internet would drop to zero.

Therefore, distribution does not necessarily have to

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be remunerated in order to increase ”happiness”. Even the industrialized regions of the USA have not . Increased their level of “happiness” over time (ie with the increase in material wealth). A 2006 Financial Times Cryp Email List article quotes ” hippies were right about happiness ”. In those years, in fact, in America there was a collapse of spiritual well-being for which.  American women considered themselves more unhappy than their mothers .. ” the hippies, the ecologists, the street agitators, the slow-food movement. Who are looking for jobs more satisfying, but less profitable, they are having their silent revenge. Although routinely derided, the ideas of these philosophers have been confirmed by statistics from economists.

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