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Therefore the third generation web comes

The world of software development is currently advancing with many companies competing to make the best software.

In the development process, infrastructure as a code . Generative AI, etc. In trends, software development occupies the fourth position in 2022.aving to be .

proved, the web as a sea of digital information . Today must support it so that this can be realized.

Trusted Architecture and Digital Identity

in an inc  Wiretapping and tampering with data is very easy. To do and loopholes are found.

Therefore, awareness of digital identity .  COO Email List  That life with increasingly advanced . Technology can still feel safe. Some examples of its implementation range from zero-trust architecture, passwordless activity, and engineering that prioritizes privacy.

Third Generation Web
With data security increasingly h.  with a decentralized system in it.

The existing technology to support the third generation web is blockchain in economic transactions and cryptography to secure data.

Advanced Connectivity

COO Email List

The existence of advanced connectivity is evidenced . By low power wireless networks, 5G and even 6G networks, to satellites with low earth orbits. This can increase mobility and productivity globally.

Immersive Technology
Immersive application of new technologies

Forms of immersive technology are CRYP Email List becoming .   . Zuckerberg changed his company name to Meta. An immersive world powered by augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality.

Several new technologies to support immersive. W  Starting from the existence of VR goggles.  aces. Concerts in the Metaverse world. To buying and selling through online games using avatars.

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