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Professional profile of the applicant

business idea

As established in Law 14/2013 , the law that regulates all visas under the Entrepreneurs Law , in this case the business idea plays a fundamental role in the application process.

Your business idea (that is, the product or service you plan to market in Spain), must strictly meet 3 main requirements .

First of all, and as the most important point,

it must have an innovative character. You should ask yourself: what is new about my product? What makes it different from everything already on the market?

Thus, this visa is only  to entrepreneurs with totally China Mobile Number Database disruptive ideas. Setting up a cafeteria or a hairdressing salon would not be a valid option, since they are already existing concepts.

Usually, if your service or product has a

large technological component and its operations are  on algorithms or complex logistics operations, you are on the right track.

On the other hand, the company that you intend to create must be of special economic interest to Spain. Here you must answer: why is the Spanish territory in a project like this?

Basically, through this point you are measuring your ability to generate wealth for the country and to grow the business, hiring workers in the future (something that helps a lot to get your application approved).

Finally, it is also important that the business creates investment opportunities .

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Although the business idea is one of the fundamental legs, the other leg is  by the applicant and his professional profile .

Thus, as a foreigner who intends to obtain an entrepreneur visa Cryp Email List in Spain, you will have to demonstrate that you have sufficient training and qualifications to develop the business idea successfully.

That is why you must demonstrate your level of studies and professional career to date (that is, where you have been and where you have worked).

On the other hand, it will be important .

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