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Regardless of the Route You Choose the Journey

How to get around Hakone In the Hakone area there is a very efficient network of buses, trains, cable cars, cable cars and boats. However, It is a place very well connected and prepared to move by public transport.

A popular way to see Hakone is by circling the area using the 5 different types of transportation, the route is known as the Hakone Round .

What to see in Hakone
Hakone is a popular and incredible destination, with more to offer visitors than great views of Mount Fuji. These are just some of the highlights that you can add to your excursion:

Hakone Temple
Hakone Shrine has stunning views. However, Its current form dates from 1667 and, according to legend, it was the place where the priest Mangan calmed a nine-headed dragon.

It is located at the foot of Mount Hakone and on the shores of Lake Ashi

There is a path that takes you from the. However, lake to the Phone Number List forest and to the mystical sanctuary.

The main building is dedicated to Ninigi no Mikoto (the grandson of Amaterasu, the sun goddess), Ko no Hana (flower princess), as well as Hoori no Mikoto (the son of the other two and the ancestor of the first emperors). All of them symbolize the sun, flowers and tradition.

The Hakone Cable Car

The Hakone Ropeway (Hakone Ropeway) provides visitors with amazing views.

It is part of the Hakone Round Course and each cable car has a capacity of ten people, more or less.

Along the way, you can see the picturesque blue waters of Lake Ashi, the volcanic smoke rising from Owakudani, and its hot springs flowing through the valley. The cable car is included in the Hakone Free Pass.

Hakone Open Air Museum Here you can enjoy an impressive collection

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Of Japanese and Western sculptures from the 19th CRYP Email List and 20th centuries. However, The incredible exhibition of works of art includes pieces by Picasso, Henry Moore, Taro Okamoto, Yasuo Mizui, among others.

There are 120 permanent sculptures on display out of the total collection, made up of more than 1,000. It’s a fun, family-friendly exhibit , made even more special by the surrounding mountains. Kids love the giant crochet yard.

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