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Renewal of residence as an entrepreneur

  • Send the application through the electronic headquarters of the UGE , carrying out the complete management electronically. You will need a digital certificate to carry out the online process.
  • Request through the common electronic registry of the Ministry of Finance and Public Function, where you will also need your digital certificate.
  • Go to the UGE at its headquarters located in Madrid and leave all the documentation yourself in person.
  • Visit any public registry office of the government sub-delegation in your city (if, for example, you do not have a digital certificate or want to go to Madrid). In the registry they will digitize all your documentation and send it internally to the UGE.

On the other hand, once you have prepared your business plan, you must send it to one of the following institutions so that they can review it and decide if the project is valid to be able to apply for the entrepreneur visa (giving you a favorable report).

where ? _

  • At the General Directorate of International Trade Malaysia Mobile Database and Investment if you are in your country of origin at the time of the application.
  • If you are in Spain with your tourist visa, at the Ministry of Economic Affairs s.

Necessary documents

Below we present the list of documents that you must provide at the Spanish consulate or at the UGE:

  • Full passport (must be valid at the time of application).
  • Private medical insurance without deficiencies or co-payments , contracted with a Spanish company.
  • Criminal record certificate .
  • Own livelihood to support you and the business you Cryp Email List are going to set up. We are talking about €2,130 for the main applicant and €532 for each member of the family they are in charge of.
  • The favorable report according to your entrepreneurship idea is valid.
  • Payment of the relevant fee .
  • Application form , which you can find here .

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This residence authorization is granted for

3 years (instead of 1 as most residences under the general immigration law).

Once this period has elapsed, if you want to continue living in Spain you must renew .

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