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Rewards generate continuity

Almost all games employ a reward system to keep players active. In candy crush when completing a level a reward called . Sweet” is generated, the player knows that with that reward it will be easier to reach the level. Therefore, these rewards no longer lead to sales, but generate a more engaging gaming experience . That can keep the user on the game for longer and more often.

There is a community

For players who start a session on facebook candy crush allows you to see . The progress of your friends, to demonstrate their dexterity in the levels passed, a bit ‘to show off the skill of the players . Furthermore, a (it would be . Better Azerbaijan Mobile Number List to use at least the one by Avinash Kaushik see think do care ) This is because it considers the customer still too passive with respect to the market; today the user has a plurality of tools to make his choice of him, just think of the new technologies that fully exploit the potential of the Internet, with which you are always connected, everywhere. As proof of this, interactions take place between online and offline choices , which take shape in 3

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As human beings we are meant to be social and being

Able to create this element for business allows us to make a difference. Thinking from a long-term perspective allows you to create solid foundations for projects, think also . Of instagram, blablacar, whataspp, etc… what do they earn (for example a pair of shoes) and then buys it online.
The Customer Journey is more complex than the previous model , it’s like Cryp Email List an obstacle course for companies. It is no longer a linear path, but is dotted with interruptions and detours represented by the so-called touchpoints , i.e. from if they are free? (whataspp it was). well the logic here is: in the meantime we reach millions of users, we will find the way to earn later.


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