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Robert Cialdini’s Weapons of Persuasion

The Weapons of Persuasion is a book written by Robert Cialdini in 2001 and . Studied for years in all universities around the world. The book is an exhaustive collection of studies, tests, experiments and theories of many researchers who want to explain “how and why you end up saying yes”.

People are surrounded by stimuli that increase every day, our brain activates simplification mechanisms to reduce the fatigue of decisions. Without instinct we will succumb to information overload, so let’s use shortcuts.

Today the evolution of technology is very rapid, our natural ability to Azerbaijan Mobile Number List process . Information risks becoming increasingly insufficient to handle the overload of changes, choices and innovations of modern life.

We have created this insufficiency of ours by constructing a world of radically greater complexity.

But why talk about these topics? why take advantage of these weapons to sell? Because 95% of our choices come from an unconscious level of decision.


1. Living beings have behaviors that are characterized in such a way as to respond to certain stimuli . In fact, it has been demonstrated that precise stimuli activate regulated and automatic action patterns in animals called “fixed action patterns” . Ellen Langer has discovered a very useful fixed pattern of action: “Excuse me, I have 5 pages, can I use the copier because I’m in a hurry?”. The researcher found that by giving an explanation and using the word “because” 95% of the sample Cryp Email List was willing to let the person go ahead. Everything is moved by the word; the “why” triggers an automatic response of acquiescence in the subjects. Also think about the expensive = good scheme.

2. The principle of contrast (or withdrawal after refusal) whereby presenting a very expensive thing first significantly decreases the price of the second since the relative comparison predominates over the absolute price of the second good.


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3. When we receive gifts, invitations or favors we feel obliged to reciprocate. The rule of reciprocation is a rule which, if not respected, faces social sanctions, such as labeling a person as “ingrate” or “parasite” … think of the free sample technique, the trial without obligation. The rule imposes debts that no one has solicited.

4. The surprise effect is an effective factor in obtaining assent as people.

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