Slideshare Secrets to Stacking Decks in Your Favor

SlideShare is a popular and user-friendly social site, which you probably already use to improve the life of PowerPoint slideshows and other presentation materials for your business. But could you overlook some of the platform’s most powerful features and functionality for better content marketing success?

Acquired by LinkedIn in 2012, SlideShare has expanded its capabilities to Uruguay Mobile Number List incorporate additional design options, features, and media formats, such as audio, HD video, and more. Content marketers who know how to take full advantage of these improvements can tap into a world of possibilities to create engaging cross-platform experiences and lasting brand value.

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Plan your use of SlideShare wisely

Before you create content on SlideShare, make sure your presentations Cryp Email List will align with your overall content marketing strategy. This will help ensure that every presentation you post will support your marketing goals and contribute to the business results you want to achieve.


The easiest way to do this is to be intentional with your audience and your content marketing goals:

  • Know who you intend to target with your content, and their relevant needs and interests.
  • Be able to identify where this audience is likely to be in their buying process as they interact with your content
    . Know what action you want them to take after reading your slideshare content.
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    Cover the basics of slideshare

While there are plenty of bells, whistles, and . Creative enhancements to tap into to make your presentations unique, let’s start with some simple best practices to ensure your . Slideshare posts communicate in a clear, meaningful, and strategically sound way:

Adjust the format: like a powerpoint slideshow. Slideshare’s default layout is landscape, so be sure to size and format your content accordingly.

Grab attention from the get-go: slideshare’s homepage is a sea of ​​titles and cover thumbnails. If you want to grab visitors’ attention when they scan products and get them to click on your content. You better have a compelling cover image and a powerful headline.

Title grants

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What can you do to make your titles stand out? Try some of these tips:

. Ask: “Would my target audience want to read this?” if you don’t focus on your readers, it will be nearly impossible to get their attention.
Attract, but don’t overdo it. It’s better to offer useful, honest information with real value than to risk angering readers because your presentation. Doesn’t live up to the promise of its title.
It’s okay to be a little teasing: if you give all the important information in the title, people won’t feel the need to read more.
Use numbers and lists. Using numbers in your headline gives the audience an idea of ​​how quickly they’ll get the information they want.



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