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EMAIL LIST Always Review Pickup Status On Shopee App

After scheduling a pick-up date, you’ll need confirmation from the courier. Even if the status does not show if the courier has confirmed the pick-up, you will be able to find out on the scheduled date.

If you still have the option to change the pick-up date, it means the courier hasn’t confirmed yet. If not, it means that the courier has complied with your request and will stop by your place to pick up your item.

Communicate With CS On Collection Day

If your courier already has a history of multiple failed pick-ups (either from your experience or that of other sellers), be sure to communicate with CS on the day of pick-up.

Tell them about your concerns about getting your item picke up. CS will then send the message to the courier and your item will be mark as priority.  Speak With CS Again After Failed Pickup Date

If the courier fails to collect Latest Mailing Database your order by the date promised, you will have to talk to CS again for personal notes.

This is the kind of concern that needs to be escalate to top Shopee so they can sort out the issue on failed picks accordingly (as failed picks are already a common issue on the platform).

When CS elevates the collection of failed items, the courier will receive a memo and will be given instructions to prioritize picking up your items until the last day of collection.

Reschedule Pick Up A Second Time

Latest Mailing Database

When the courier fails to show up for collection, you will need to reschedule so the courier can go to your address for a second attempt.

Be sure to reschedule the pickup as soon as you receive the failed pickup notification as there is usually a queue for these things. Consider Delivering Items After Second Collection Failure

One of the best things about choosing CRYP Email List a courier that is close by is that if you have to leave the house, you can go to a branch and drop off your item if the courier still can’t pick up your item.

How have you handled failed pick-ups in the past? Let us know in the comments section.

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