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Strategic and operational marketing: definitions, examples

Marketing consists in the profitable satisfaction of needs. The purpose of Marketing is to know and understand the customer to the point that the product or service is so suitable for his needs that it sells itself. But this definition says everything and nothing….

In my opinion, modern marketing can be identified with a beautiful scene from a Walf of Wall Street movie where Di Caprio tries to sell a pen, which highlights the concept of need . In any case, in this article we will be satisfied with a general definition, but if you would like to learn more here you will find an article dedicated to the definition of marketing today

Before going any further, we need to clarify some key marketing concepts. The first key concept is the marketing mix , the elements that make up marketing. In the books you can still find the old 4Ps such as product (quality, design, brand, guarantee, etc.), price (discounts, rebates, payments, etc.), points of sale (stocks, transport, coverage, etc.) and promotion (advertising, sales force, etc.). Finally then in 2000 the economists recovered Cambodia Mobile Number List and put the consumer at the center of the process by transforming the 7Ps into the 6Cs. If you want to learn more, here you will find the evolution of the marketing mix.


The second key concept of marketing revolves around 3 terms: target, positioning and segmentation.

  • Segmentation: it is the ability to analyze in segments and it is very important to define the market coverage
  • Positioning: process of placing the product in the mind of the consumer

Also for this part you will find further information

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Definition of marketing management:

Marketing Management represents the art and science of choosing target markets and acquiring, retaining and growing customers by creating, delivering and communicating superior customer value.

Marketing then develops on two different but complementary Cryp Email List levels, in fact there is an interdependence between them where the operative follows the strategic.

Strategic marketing wikipedia definition:

“ Strategic marketing is based on the analysis of the needs of individuals and organizations. This first aspect of the marketing process primarily concerns the identification, within the reference market, of existing or potential .

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