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Influential New Technologies in the World

Maybe some people miss life that is not as sophisticated as it is now. However, besides them, there are people who feel very lucky because of the presence of technology like today. Well, actually how the effect of this new technology lately?

Technology certainly has a big influence on human life. In accordance with the meaning of the word, it is a tool that helps humans in achieving goals in order to facilitate survival.

Are you curious about

the new technology that is very influential in the world lately? We summarize it from McKinsey’s report regarding technology trends in 2023. Come on, let’s take a look together.

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial intelligence or Accounting Directors Email Lists Trial Package what is  often known as artificial intelligence ranks in the top three in technology trends. Lately, artificial intelligence has been talked about a lot. How come? The presence of artificial intelligence has indeed made the world more advanced.

Examples of the application of artificial intelligence can be seen starting from the voice assistant feature on smart devices, such as Siri and Google Assistant; use of biometric screen locks; and locator apps, such as Google Maps and Waze.

Google Maps on Smartphones

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Applied AI
Applied artificial intelligence is at the top of technology trends with an estimated $26 trillion in turnover potential by 2022. Large companies are starting to embrace this technology, which combines fields such as machine learning, computer vision, and natural language processing.

For example, Freeport utilizes a new technology called applied AI in running mining machines so that it can increase production by 10 percent for three months.

Generative AI
This has been talked about a lot lately, especially CRYP Email List after ChatGPT and Bard were released. This type of artificial intelligence is very sophisticated and can propose or recommend many things based on a collection of data that has been stored and studied. The top third position on technology trends is occupied by Generative AI.

Examples of implementing this type of AI are Notion AI, Google Translate, Adobe Firefly, DALL-E, etc. Did you know, thanks to developments in Google Translate, now a variety of advanced features can be available in it. Starting from translating documents, text from photos, to voice directly.

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