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distribution, later also   Paretian distribution ,  power-law  and, later, 80/20 rule , has been  to the most disparate: from demographic statistics to industrial processes, even to the ratio between products  and the revenues of a single company. Power-law distributions  they are asymptotic, they tend to zero without ever reaching it: this means that the curve continues to infinity Mexico Mobile Number List and for this reason it is  a “long tail curve”. This is where the name of the theory comes from. It has therefore been that,  for many events, about 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes .

Actually Stop, It Could Continue Indefinitely

in niches and sub-niches; if people are given an infinite possibility to choose, they will do so, as long as there are “guides” within which to move, such as Amazon’s Retargeting techniques ( Users who bought this book, also bought this other.

Thanks to web 2.0 we are transforming ourselves

from passive consumers to active producers and often we do it only for love (the term amateur speaks volumes) .   The infinity of products daily by an infinity of individuals makes the queue stretch to the right, because it increases the variety of products available. The web also allows for a more direct connection between supply and demand and introduces new products to consumers, directing their demand down the queue and helping them to discover the offer. When we search for a particular product on the Internet, we Cryp Email List often find it faster than we thought. “This has a powerful economic effect: it encourages us to keep looking outside the world we know, and this trend shifts demand towards niches” (Anderson). The Internet gives almost free access to anyone who wants to reach millions of potential customers.

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But let’s move on to Long Tail Keywords Research : investing in more specific words allows you to have a list of words with fewer impressions, but more relevant and at a lower cost. This has a major impact on your ROI. Long Tail Keywords have less search traffic, but they also bring more Conversions and Time Engagement (the time of a session).

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