The Marketing of Services. What Changes Compared to the Products and How to Act

We’ve already talked about how marketing had a different application for men and women . Now let’s see what changes when we have to sell a product or service. The latter has different characteristics from products which are: intangibility, heterogeneity, inseparability between production and consumption and perishability. We are therefore talking about marketing applications for completely different products and services. We will therefore analyze these diversities below and expose the solutions for each point.

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The purchase of a service represents the purchase of an experience which will be evaluated by the buyer taking into account what he has received compared to what he expected (therefore we have a comparison between expectations and perceptions). It is for this reason that the opinion regarding the lived experience may be different from subject to subject. The problem is that it is difficult to make the level of service understood before having tried it since the perception depends on the subject and each time the service can be perceived in a different way.


  • Inability to store services
  • Lack of patent protection
  • Difficulties in presentation or communication of services
  • Difficulty pricing services


  • Highlight the tangible part, more easily known from a distance
  • Use sources of personal information (the best is word of mouth, credible Canada Mobile Database because it is not from a commercial source and allows you to know unknown aspects of the service)
  • Creation of a strong corporate image that strengthens the relationship with satisfied customers and acts as a filter in case of failure.


It means variability in the provision of the service for different structures, both in the same structure at different times, and for different personal conditions of the customer. Control requires continuous analyses. The main Cryp Email List problem is represented by the difficulty of achieving standardization and quality control of the service.


  • Personalization (customisation), creating a “unique” offer that is perfectly in line with the customer’s requests. This is viewed positively by the customer; however, these interventions could have negative effects on the price, the speed of delivery and the uniformity of the service.
  • Standardization


There is an interdependence between the service provider, the customer and other consumers sharing the same experience. Coexistence must be correct and managed well, especially if the clients belong to different segments (families with small children and a business dinner in a restaurant). Sometimes it is the consumer himself who indicates what kind of service he wants to receive (such as an art lover or a school group). The interaction between consumer and service provider is defined as a critical event, the customer judges it and forms his own level of satisfaction with it. You must not improvise but train your employees.


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