The Meaning of Marketing Today Definition Evolution and Pillars

The term Marketing today is one of the most complicated to understand as there is not just one definition, but billions. To answer the question “what does Marketing mean?” Let’s start by saying everything

What Marketing Isn’t :

  • advertising and sales production: these are marketing tools advertising is a mass communication tool that seeks to create a preference, instead promotion is an initiative based on the price . Marketing , on the other hand, does not seek to continually create needs and to have any good placed on the market accepted regardless of the relative satisfaction of the consumer.
  • a set of tools and techniques to examine the market : these could be the starting point of Marketing, such as sales forecasting and market research, but these are tools by which companies analyze consumers, also by creating of fictitious needs

The principles of marketing

Now that we have clarified what marketing is not we can approach the concept of market orientation and customer sovereignty which are the pillars of Marketing . These concepts are based on a theory of individual choices founded on the principle of customer sovereignty. The foundations were laid by Adam Smith: “social well-being does not depend on altruism but on the selfish impulses of producers and consumers who, through competitive exchange, end up satisfying the general interest as well” Thus Cryp Email List the idea of ​​an economy of market. Let’s explain the main points:

  •  what individuals seek are rewarding experiences that USA Phone Number List drive them to produce and work
  • what is rewarding depends on individual choices that vary in culture, values, tastes..
  • it is through voluntary and competitive exchange that individuals and organizations best achieve their goals

the meaning of marketing: what does it really mean?

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Once we have mastered these concepts we can expose a definition of Marketing:

by Marketing we mean the set of operations implemented by a company to satisfy the customer, thus obtaining his loyalty, aimed at achieving greater profits: it is therefore hoped to make the purchase repeat and to spread an image positive.

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