The role of web analytics and big data: measurement

Now that the process is clear, there is always some fear simply dictated by change, a process that goes against human stability. But we can act on fear with a very powerful solution: data. In fact, on the web it is possible to measure almost everything . Implementing an omni-channel measurement strategy allows you to effectively manage your budget based on ROI. In short, you don’t risk it and you have everything under control.

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Column of Digital Strategies for SMEs

We love our country and we care about spreading Israel Mobile Number List Italian excellence around the world. We therefore decided to create a digital strategy column for SME sectors such as restaurants, hotels, bars, artisans and many others (local business) – #digitaltransformation

Consulting for Companies

We also personally take care of providing consultancy and Cryp Email List support for digital transformation. Learn more about the topic with us! – Go to the consultancy consultation page

  • Market analysis
  • Adaptation of the channels to the type of business
  • Strategies and tactics appropriate to the objectives

Human Resources training

We offer basic courses and advanced courses to improve digital knowledge. Discover all our courses to learn how to effectively manage all traffic sources (SEO, ADV, Social, etc.) by developing a web marketing strategy. – Go to the course consultation page


Take the bull by the horns

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Books and case studies on Digital Transformation

One of the best books I’ve read this year is called “ lean analytics” and it’s based entirely on start-ups, the analysis activity to scale the business and the definition of life cycles… In short, the keyword here is SNELLO, what an analysis and digitization plan should look like.

For case studies, just think of a couple of sectors:

  • banche: online banking
  • publishing: ebooks, kindle etc
  • industria musicale: mp3, spotify ecc
  • film industry: netflix, streaming etc
  • caso starbucks – link

other opinions

  • il sole 24 ore – link
  • CEO Microsoft – link
  • Accenture – link




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