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Through the Internet these communities have expanded thanks

To the emergence of virtual communities and a large amount of user-generated content around the world. We find this passage when we pass from the 4Ps to the 6Cs of the Marketing Mix and where the last two are Community and Content. The characteristics of the Internet have changed the way of interacting with consumers, placing the creation and development of communication channels with customers at the center of corporate strategies. Here is the role of virtual communities. There are 4 types:

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  1. businesses as communities: communities aimed at generating knowledge and disseminating information
  2. online professional communities: communities of experts with specific skills…
  3. sectoral vertical communities: i.e. companies that belong to the same sector
  4. Virtual communities of consumption: those described above.

It is important for  companies  to understand how subcultures work, so here Armenia Mobile Number List are the  5 reasons why it is important to create them:

  1. they can help the socialization of new members
  2. they can identify ways to foster internal communication
  3. they can sponsor events that create the ideal terrain for the development of the group’s activities.
  4. They are so dynamic that they facilitate the innovation process
  5. They allow you to obtain relevant information in real time for market analysis.

The return for companies in this case is determined by the increase in loyalty and involvement for the brand, i.e. Loyalty  and Engagement .

In other words, Remember that the useful objectives to be achieved are those of:

  • support the transaction
  • deepen the interest
  • create new environments and stories
  • make users interact

but to have all this you need the existence of participation rules, the presence of spontaneous adhesion, of cordimants, of shared languages ​​and of incentives for participation. In other words, Think about Linkedin groups ….

In other words, If you want to exploit all these potentials, you can use specific tools to create your own virtual communities:

  • guest books (FAQs)
  • mailing list
  • forums
  • newsgroups
  • chat
  • instant messaging

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For companies today, not exploiting all these potentials, in addition to losing potential opportunities, creates the risk of being left behind with the times….Think More.

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