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Favorable external employer branding increases the chance of employing highly qualifie, experience people (talents) who can significantly contribute to the development of the company. We recommend Employer branding – how to build a brand during COVID-19? Influencer marketing is another PR tool. Cooperation with online creators allows you to reach a wide audience, and thus contributes to increasing sales or building brand popularity. What’s more, it is a great way to improve the company’s image – creating a brand that is more friendly, “human”, one that wants to be closer to its recipients.

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Other tools use in the area of ​​external public relations are: expert positioning – expert positioning, using the potential of an expert who becomes an ambassador of the company and represents it outside (a way to gain consumer trust), event database marketing – organization of sales events new product launch), image events ( charity events) or eucational events eucational conferences), investors relations – investor relations, communication of the company with investors, brokers, industry press, etc. Internal PR tools PR activities should be carrie out not only outside but also inside. Internal PR is focuse on employees.


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Internal PR tools do not focus on promotion (as in the case of external PR), but on building effective communication and creating positive relations between employees. Effective communication is a solid pillar of any enterprise. Improperly Cryp Email List conducte, it can cause misunderstandings between employees or on the company-employee line. Skillfully selecte and properly use internal PR tools can improve the functioning of the company and facilitate the achievement of set business goals. What internal PR tool do we distinguish? Employee mailings that enable quick contact with employees.

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