How Do I Evaluate User Experience

Every page on your website is a landing page, so your logo and navigation should be consistent throughout. Make sure you have a Page Name, as it visually frames the content on a page and should appear larger or different than the content text.

Strategic use of headings also provides your reader with visual cues.

Well-constructed pages organize their content with subheadings, separating key thoughts. There’s an abundance of content on the web, simply too much to be absorbed and retained. Make it easy for your visitor to scan, and include a compelling (and related) call to action so they can request more.

This is what Google says about the importance of user experience.

2022 Business Website Checklist

Since user experience is such a broad topic, we have a few other articles that zoom into different facets of UX.

Achieving a good user experience is database not based on how much you have on a page. As Steve Jobs put it: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,” and we see this in Apple’s website design. Clean and intuitive. If you can get your users to interact with the site without difficulty, then you’re all set.

As long as you’re providing a clear pathway that directs users toward your goals, you’re on the right track. It depends on the audience you are catering to but also pay attention to website trends that emerge. Modern websites use a more spacious design implementing white space to not overwhelm their visitors (think of Apple).

FAQs on User Experience


Pop-up forms and A/B tests can help you figure out problems your visitors are encountering. Your pages might not be showing well on their phones, or a good chunk of your audience is older, and your fonts are too small or need more contrast. You can ask them how their experience with your CRYP Email List site is so far through a survey. We also use heat mapping and visitor recording software. It aids in visualizing how users navigate through a website. It’s also a powerful tool for evaluating landing pages tied to paid ads. 

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