User Recording what it is what it is for and a guide to analysis

What is user registration and what is it for?
The user recording (or session replay) represents the recording of the screen and of the movement of the mouse and of the scroll that the user makes in his navigation path. the user recording analysis is a particular analysis technique of the large family of user research analyzes linked to the user experience but also to the Indonesia Mobile Number List Conversion Rate Optimization . This is the remote and low-cost version of a user test. While user testing makes real people navigate (remotely or live) on a platform (site or app) and observe their interactions, creating an interaction (questions and answers, etc.),

This analysis is highly recommended for:

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understand the behaviors of users with a low budget and understand the UX
identify navigation bugs
understand the critical points of navigation and increase conversion rate
What tools to use
There are several tools to capture user recordings. My favorite is certainly hotjar as it is freemium, easy to install with google tag manager and includes numerous products such as surveys, polls which are very useful for completing the user’s vision. It also offers great filtering capability for user recording types, emotions based on strange behavior and so on.

microsoft streams
user recording hotjar

How to do the analysis in 3 steps
1. Define goals and things to watch
It is important to define the Key Questions:


What navigation flow do they have?

What are the most visited pages?
where does the user abandon the most?
Where does it go further back?

What are the most repeated actions?
What items they use to navigate Cryp Email List from one page to another
Do they click where expected?
How they interact with clickable elements
what are the Main Actions?
What are they trying to do?

Do they take a long time to progress?
How long it takes them to do a specific action
Do they spend too much time on some pages?
Where do they hesitate?

What elements distract users
They show unusual movements (repeated clicks)
What problems do they have while browsing? Errors, malfunctions, bugs etc
What problems do they have?
Where, when and why they get stuck
2. Collect data
First we define a minimum number of recordings to watch based on the time available, we recommend a minimum of 30/40 recordings to start getting an idea. Here are some best practices to ensure sample.

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