What is Sound Branding The synergy between Marketing and Music

In the last 10 years we have unconsciously (or not) witnessed the evolution of marketing, which has transformed the consumer from a mainly rational actor to a more emotional one, increasingly influenced by the symbolic and emotional aspects of consumption .

Scholars such as Schmitt, Pine and Gilmore have demonstrated the current impact of experiential and sensory marketing. In fact, it is the 5 senses that influence consumers’ purchasing choices and Sound Branding is one of the most recent techniques capable of associating one of our senses (hearing) with the dynamic universe of marketing.

One of the definitions of this strategy is: 

The conscious use of sound to create a

  brand identity and  the use of music to strengthen the power of the logo.”

The modern brand is cross-media , interactive , moves between Canada Mobile Database online and offline and is multi-sensory ; the goal of each of these is to remain in the consumer’s mind, to be easily remembered and possibly to be the only one in that product category.

So let’s come to the importance of music for the most current brands.

How many times have you seen some commercial, the background of which was a jingle able to remain sedimented in your head and even make you hum it, even though your singing skills were not particularly refined?

I imagine many.

It is no accident, I assure you. For a composition

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of 3 and a quarter seconds the “non-musician” Brian Eno took maybe a year. I’m talking about the Windows startup sound (and I bet you’re playing it in your head now that you’ve read about it).

Extend this example to every spot you’ve seen in your life, those you can Cryp Email List still remember today and which perhaps are related to your childhood inevitably arouse emotions. Whether you like it or not, these are the same emotions that your brain processes when you go shopping or make any other type of purchase.

. Music and artists are integral to helping brands connect with consumers,” she adds.

“Music, Connecting People” to take advantage of Nokia’s payoff, “Music makes the people come together” to take advantage of Madonna, who always fits us.

For example, Lacoste has modernized the image a lot with this commercial .


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