What is the Sharing Economy and how does it work Blabla Car and Couchsurfing compared

Have you ever had to face a relatively long journey for an evening or for work etc. and perhaps not being able to buy a train ticket that doesn’t cost as much as the concert you are going to hear? Perhaps for the same reason, in 2006 three friends named Nicolas, Francis and Frédéric decide to find a cheap, fast and possibly fun solution.

BlaBlaCar is born , the first car sharing network ; if you have to go from Milan to Florence this weekend, you certainly won’t be alone: ​​sign up, fill in your profile, look for your ride or offer one. Result? Cheap travel and company during the journey.

What is the Sharing Economy and how does it work?

In the early 2000s the term “Sharing Economy” began to appear following the evolution of social technologies and the common feeling of exponential increase in the global population.

The Sharing Economy is a relatively recent phenomenon that has its roots in Qatar Mobile Number List customs that are not too modern. On the contrary. These business models have their roots in the oldest human instincts: cooperation, sharing and flexibility. Among these models we can include actions such as: renting, gifting, exchanging, bartering, etc.

But what are the most famous models that are now part of our daily lives?

Airbnb :

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“is a trusted portal to its community where people can post, discover and book unique accommodations around the world”

Kickstarter : “is a crowdfunding website for creative projects. Various types of businesses have been financed through it, including independent films, music, theater, comics, journalism, video games and food-related businesses.”

Girl Meets Dress : “is an online boutique where you can Cryp Email List borrow the latest designer dresses.”

Car2go : “Freedom of movement in Milan, Rome and Florence: you can pick up and drop off our cars wherever and whenever you want.”

Spinlister : “We’re a peer-to-peer bike, ski, snowboard, SUP, and surfboard rental platform.”

Tomeetoo : “It’s a dynamic and enthusiastic community of free consumers, but also very organized, who save and earn from all the consumption they generate.”

Couchsurfing : “Couchsurfing connects travelers with a global network of people willing to share in profound and meaningful ways, making travel a truly social experience.”

Cambioatreno : “the site is dedicated to the purchase and resale of low-cost, non-refundable train tickets from private to private. Do a search, contact the user, and get your ticket at a discounted price.

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