What you need to know about Networked Information Technology

Italy is not a state-of-the-art country in the age of digitization. Italy is in fact in 58th place according to the latest report p by the World Economic Forum , the Global Information Technology Report . First of all, this report serves to draw up a list of the various countries worldwide with respect to how they relate to the digital age. The countries that dominate the ranking are Finland (1st place),  by Singapore, , the Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland,  States, Great Britain, in 12th place we find Germany, Italy cannot claim to have a respectable position, quite the contrary!

Precisely for this reason it is important to understand

The first computers, in large research laboratories, were exclusively for scientific calculation, after all the word computer itself derives from the verb to compute (to count, calculate). Today computers arefor the most purposes and Mexico Mobile Number List the most widespread use is no longer calculation, but the management of data and information, so much so that the expression Information Technology has been  in reference to this new field of applications . Information Technology was born from the integration between information technology and telecommunications and  mainly in the 80s with the networking of computers.

To understand the importance of Information Technology,

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One must analyze the economy that revolves around this new information network. It is an economy on the customer’s search for information before making a purchase , be it of products or cultural heritage. Its diffusion Cryp Email List appears to be exponential given the low cost of the technologies it serves: this is precisely the change that makes the non-market and non-property economy possible. This economy is  to as the  Information Economywhich is clearly displacing the old industrial production of information: while the industrial economy for the mass production of information goods high capital investments and therefore was a and large-scale industry, the NIE allows to remove these barriers to entry thus increasing its importance. The NIE produces effects of unintentiona.

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