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Who are the Makers and why they will change the world

The thirtieth birthday of the internet was celebrated a few days ago , the use of which is now widespread throughout the world, and which has represented a real revolution in many areas. The infinite digital archive, e-mail, e-commerce and social networks have become indispensable resources, above all thanks to the second digital revolution (which began in Singapore Mobile Number List the 90s with the introduction of user generated content and from which the web was born 2.0), which has made the internet a much more “alive” place, giving a role of primary importance to increasingly involved and enthusiastic users and bringing out the fundamental values ​​of the web: freedom, democracy, collaboration, sharing and sociability.

Now we are witnessing the third digital revolution

, which promises to have even greater repercussions: until now all the activities carried out on the internet were digital, and however important and in some cases extraordinary they have become, it was always  about bits; now what we do on the net has repercussions on the physical world. Thanks to new tools and processes we have the possibility of creating physical Cryp Email List objects through the network, and the makers are the proponents of this new revolution. They are the new digital craftsmen who invent all sorts of objects by sharing processes, resources, means and costs on the web.

Just to give an example: Do you want an intelligent

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irrigation system for your garden? Until a few years ago it was necessary to turn to expensive specialized companies, which had the means and the know-how suitable to satisfy your need; today all you need to make it yourself is an internet connection. You can find all the components and learn all the necessary knowledge on the web, independently or by a  sking for help from a virtual community of experts and enthusiasts, who will be happy to help you in an environment of open innovation. It is therefore possible, and above all fun, to build an intelligent system equipped with sensors and connected to the network, which recognizes when plants need water, monitors their state of health, “reads” the weather .

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