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Why Are Digital Marketing Campaigns in Vietnam Not Effective?

Let’s look directly at the situation: vietnam’s digital marketing market is still very young. Using credit cards to pay for online shopping is a very difficult thing for vietnamese people. The question is, why are digital marketing campaigns in vietnam hardly effective?

Digital marketing requires more strategy than tactics. Are you a leader or just a follower?
Digital marketing requires more strategy than tactics. Are you a leader or just a follower?

Here are some core principles that are forgotten in many digital marketing campaigns that you need to know:

Goal : the most important goal of digital marketing campaigns is roi , which can be based on advertising costs (which become roas) or sales. Revenue/profit earned from the business. If your online presence isn’t e-commerce, you’re generating leads, and seeing how many leads convert into customers.

Analytics How Do We Really

Know the performance of our digital marketing campaigns without setting up the necessary analytics to track the performance of those digital marketing efforts . With google analytics and utm tracking, you can track all your digital marketing campaign efforts. Regarding facebook, go to the insights section of your fan page, the performance of your social strategy is determined based on the interactions you actually get.

Implementation : it is very easy to create a great digital marketing plan, but it is more difficult to execute. You can offload the work on your strategy/plan by hiring someone else or an agency, but make sure you know what it takes to execute your strategy. The best in technology and business really know what to do for their business and moreover, they are willing to get their hands dirty.

Opportunity : there is always one aspect of a digital marketing strategy that will fail and another that will work as intended or never as planned. Adapt what’s working, grow, and get rid of what doesn’t work.

If you are looking for a reliable digital marketer, check the following factors:

Certifications : google knows that its associates Fax Lists are the faces of the company; products and their certified professionals are always expected to work the way I have described, knowing not only how to deliver measurable digital marketing campaigns but also profitable for the business.

Achievement When Hiring a Marketing

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Executive for an e-commerce company, ask about the track record in previous strategies, the only outcome you should be concerned CRYP Email List with is cost over revenue. When hiring an expert, it’s a good idea to ask them about your previous adwords strategy and what your cost-per-click (cpc) is.

Motivation : the best people in digital marketing that I know are stuck at work all the time. In fact you could say we just adjust our lives to accommodate digital marketing.

Passion : why do they do this job? There’s no straight answer to this question, but if your potential candidates struggle to answer, you’ll know there’s no one who can answer this question.

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