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Why Do Consumption Choices Affect Our Identity

In the consumerist mass society, identity is to consumption choices and therefore our consumption choices say who we are (do you remember who wore the emergency shirt in high school?). But why is a choice of consumption also a choice of identity? we start from the assumption that the consumer is aware of his own preferences, therefore buying means possessing and what we possess shows to others what we are . This cycle of buying-owning-being basically indicates that possession and ostentation are part of our reality and are y important vectors for communication. So possession is a more  process than simple purchase.

Obviously this theory also applies to things that we don

‘t buy and therefore to the renunciation of identity such as for example in the fair trail whereby there is a better of profit  to that of the market. They are mostly logical and moral considerations and not economic Canada Mobile Database ones, but it makes it clear to ourselves and to others what kind of people we are or who we want to appear (first of all we are consumers!). In fact, although the pattern of Cryp Email List consumption is preference-choice, in reality there is also the choice not to buy , to be more thrifty (voluntary simplicity: making biscuits instead of buying them). In any case, I am the things I own, but also the things I choose not to own.

Consumer choices are therefore dictated by

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ethics, ideology, morals and the social sphere , choices to sensitivity and personal values , even choices  to cultural traditions  (such as the pope’s battle against capitalism). But when people choose, they refer to stereotypes to which a series of objects with a series of particular characteristics are. But does the stereotype really coincide with what we want? What do we communicate with this object? So in the end we don’t make decisions  on money alone.

There are choices that necessarily pass through the market , but if we don’t use

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