Why is digital transformation important and what consequences

In this “digital Darwinism” technology, companies and business models change rapidly. The customer experience is at the center of attention . Businesses are starting to understand that with this evolution, they need to stay close to customer touchpoints. The digital transformation is therefore integrated and improves the customer experience. New strategies are born to increase engagement, new touch points. The keywords are social, mobile and real time. Therefore, many opportunities appear in digital related to brand awareness, internationalization, affiliations and brand reputation management .

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For Users and Culture

The changes derive from the advent of Web 3.0: we are getting closer and closer to 1 to 1 marketing , customer journeys are longer and include more touchpoints, users are more demanding and purchasing times have increased . Users let themselves be influenced in purchasing decisions by social value such as reviews, influencers, shares, likes, etc. In short, we have a consumer Israel Mobile Number List who is more aware of his value, with more choices and characterized by a much more considered purchasing activity. (To learn more read our article on web 3.0 )

Framework and compositional elements of digital transformation


  • vision and leadership: culture, innovation and sense of urgency of the activation of the process. In other words, Customer experience and business value are the two key persuaders and the two motivating benefits. Many cultures embrace change slowly, but if people don’t adapt to technology, they are crushed by it.


  • digital shopping experience: become a holistic science based on innovation and data integration. Collaboration between different players is essential as well as analyzes to identify Cryp Email List customer jurney clusters. The new generations are “digital first” which means that the customer experience influences behavior and expectations and not just technology . Already several years ago Google told us about ZMOT, digital starts right from the acquisition. Identify the moments in which users need/want/are predisposed to communicate with brands.


  • team of digital transformers: what is needed are digitally trained human resources , a well-organized structure to develop processes and strategies. Finally, a marketing department well supported by the IT department , which must be able to translate needs into technological solutions.

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