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3 Tips For Your Global Marketing Strategy

Today, We Are No Longer Speaking. About the Importance of Dominating the. Common Language, Which Means. That Unique Language to. Communicate With People From Different Parts of the World. We Can Say That, Nowadays, the Common Language Means to Speak Several Languages; or Even More Than That, It Means to Speak the Language of the Market With Whom We Are Doing Business.

Generate valuable content according to market needs

According to our experience by working with blogs, SEO and contents for different countries and languages, Whatsapp Database we can say that there are lots of good professionals capable of creating content and applying a clear SEO strategy, but when they face the internationalization word in their strategies, they seem to just forget how to do content marketing.

What does it mean?
In a domestic strategy, we normally begin by understanding the market, running some research, building buyer personas, understanding well the products and services we offer to the market, getting to know the vocabulary that the readers use in front of a concept, etc. Am I right?

When developing an international strategy to perform well on Google, we need to do exactly the same thing. Which is: run complete marketing research to understand behaviors, problems, desires and needs of a market, and produce contents according to it!

When crossing borders, even online, it is important to deeply understand what the other countries and cultures perceive as valuable.

There is no way a strategy that works for one country, performs perfectly in another. Not even between cities or states does it work without previous research!

So the first tip to perform well on Google in other countries is to invest time understanding the needs of the new market, and create contents that will bring real answers to the market needs.

Google doesn’t work by languages, but by countries

It is also pretty normal to go onto Google and do some searches using terms in different languages and receiving back results in that same language. Right?

Well, here’s where the problems begin to start.

During years working with three different languages to rank in three Cryp Email List different markets, we learned that Google definitely doesn’t work by languages. But it does by countries.

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