7 Tips We Learned by Analyzing 75 Content Marketing Examples

Content creation can be a difficult business in many ways. With so many techniques, formats, and channels for your content efforts. It’s easy to become paralyzed by indecision when it comes to executing your carefully crafted content marketing strategies.

Regardless of the specific pain points  that are hampering your content productivity, one thing that might help get you back on track is to take a look at examples of the incredible progress companies are making with their content marketing programs. .

1. Use images to drive deeper engagement

Visual content platforms like Pinterest, Snapchat and Instagram are more popular than ever. With consumers – providing plenty of opportunities for. Brands to tell compelling stories and forge meaningful connections based on their mutual areas of interest

American Express includes an image or video in the majority of its Paraguay Mobile Number List Facebook posts and has other engaging ways to leverage visual content marketing using Facebook’s timeline – like posting messages . With accompanying photos) on company milestones so far. in 1890 (the year Amex was ).

2. Connect with your audience through compassion

Supporting worthwhile causes through your content efforts humanizes your brand and can help demonstrate commitment to the causes and issues that matter most to your audience.

Case in point: Whole Foods took visual marketing to a Cryp Email List whole new level with its Do Something Reel Film Festival, a collection of provocative, character-driven films that focused on food and environmental issues — and inspired others to help make a difference.

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3. Give audience members a way to share their passions

Allowing your fans and followers to show their persona in a brand-relevant way is a win-win – you gain a better understanding of their needs and interests, and they benefit from a powerful, industry-leading platform for self-expression and creativity.


Case in point : GoPro focuses on customer curating user videos of its products and sharing them on YouTube. So others can see exciting examples of these products by stock.

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