Email authentication is a process that allows you to verify the identity of the sender of an email. This way it is guaranteed that the message is legitimate and not a possible threat such as phishing or scam. It is also crucial to maintain the trust of recipients and ensure that the messages they receive come from reliable sources. For all this, proper authentication also improves the deliverability of email campaigns. This is the basis on which to build campaigns that are not filtered as spam. Context of the new Gmail measures In response to the need to improve security and reduce spam , Gmail has announced new measures that will take effect in 2024. You can read these measurements from the original source, here . These measures include: Require bulk senders to authenticate their emails Allow easy.


Unsubscription And keep a very low reported spam threshold Gmail, being one of the most popular email service providers , has been advocating these practices for years. However now these are not suggestions. Emails that do not comply with these guidelines will be rejected. With these new measures [url=https://www.latestdatabase.com/]Forex Email List [/url] Gmail hopes to not only improve email security for its users. But also set a standard for the email marketing industry, encouraging other email service providers to follow suit. Therefore, most likely, what Gmail requires today will also be required by Outlook (Hotmail), Yahoo! and others.




These changes will not only affect emails hosted on gmail.com and similar domains. Also to your domains on payment plans. As you can see, it is an important change. When? These measures will begin to become effective in February 2024. Details of the new Gmail measures Details of Gmail’s new email authentication measures Before continuing, we are going to review the main Gmail email authentication requirements for 2024. To be very clear about what they are asking for: ✓ Email authentication: Gmail will require bulk senders tauthenticate their emails. Thus ensuring that recipients can trust the source of the message. How to perform this authentication? Actually it is referring to us configurin.


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