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Bulk email: what it means and how to send it for free – The complete guide

What not to do when sending bulk emails

Not recommended practices for using e-mail

Bulk mail practice is great for sending emails to a large number of contacts, but you have to be careful not to damage your sending reputation.

Every time you send from your domain, your email is evaluated by mail clients starting from the opening rate. In other words, Each message can improve or worsen your sending reputation Taiwan Mobile Number List and if it is affected this can affect your future sendings.

In addition, The more contacts mark your emails as spam, the more likely your future emails will automatically end up in the spam folder.

To avoid this, follow these tips:

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  • Do not send your email to a database that you have purchased . These contacts will probably not want to receive your messages, which will cause you to have low open rates and your future emails will go directly to the spam folder.
  • Create a double opt-in signup form . In this way your contacts will receive an email to confirm their willingness to subscribe to one of your lists. If on the one hand you Cryp Email List may find a decrease in the number of subscriptions, on the other you will be sure that you have a more qualified database made up of contacts who will certainly have a much greater desire to open your emails.
  • Use your imagination to create an interesting object that attracts attention . In other words, The subject line is the element that will first allow you to increase your open rates and avoid damaging your reputation.

To find out more, here’s our guide on how to avoid ending up in spam

How do you create an email?

Recommended procedure for sending emails

1. Create a contact list interested in your products and services

Behind every successful email marketing campaign is a list of contacts who have requested to receive that email. The creation of your contact list, with quality contacts, must be the basis of your marketing strategy.

Gone are the days when you bought a database and started sending bulk emails without their consent. In other words,

At Sendinblue we have always stressed the importance of consent, and we systematically reject customers who have a contact database that is not 100% opt-in.

Now, with the entry into force of the GDPR, user consent is a legal obligation in Europe for everyone who sends emails.

To start building your contact list, you will need to create a subscription form in Sendinblue and add it to your website like we did for our blog.


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