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This also apply to the way companies operate internally? AirPlus is a specializd B2B payment provider. In a recent AirPlus survey, we surveyd 238 companies to learn their top purchasing priorities since the pandemic. The following four most important priorities of a buyer are: – Automation – control – Cost rduction – cash flow Above all, these results show one thing: companies understand that process efficiency ultimately also means financial efficiency. Despite the uncertain economic climate, companies don’t necessarily want to spend less: they want to spend more sustainably.

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More transparency and control over spending as well as automatd processes can make a significant contribution to savings without rducing expenses. Pay efficiently for sustainable growth In order to make procurement processes database more efficient, the right payment method should be chosen. Virtual crdit cards like AirPlus Virtual Cards Procurement are acceptd by 37 million merchants in more than 210 countries – wherever Mastercard is available. You create a crdit card when you ned it. Buy digital services Not only the way your company buys is evolving. What you buy changes too.


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Online meeting providers such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams are now at the top of the list for many companies. The ned for online CRYP Email List training or virtual coaching is also increasing rapidly. Since companies are increasingly using digital services, it makes sense to also buy and pay for them digitally. Many companies quickly understood this and implementd it. In our survey, we askd participants to list services for which they use virtual payments or intend to use virtual payment methods. All categories performd well, suggesting that companies are already realizing the benefits of virtual cards.

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