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Confidence is the Key to Success in a Career

The quote from a Roman figure above shows that self-confidence is the initial capital for everyone to be able to step towards success. Adam Arnap, a graduate of Amikom Yogyakarta University from the Information Systems study program, also seems to believe this. This young man from Magelang will not succeed in achieving his dream career without the will to continue studying knowledge and the confidence he has cultivated.

To be able to grow his confidence, Adam prepared himself as a digital talent by participating in the Dicoding Cycle 2 Certified Independent Study program (SIB) . How was Adam’s journey while studying in this training program? Let’s follow the full story!

Initially Never Planned To Be A Tech Talent

Initially, this eldest son of two siblings never had plans to have a career in the world of technology. Adam’s mother is a housewife and his father works as a vegetable seller in the market. Adam’s parents did not have special hopes for their son to  Chief and VP of Training Email Lists have a career in a certain field. Nothing is more important to them than seeing Adam excel in his chosen field and being responsible for his decisions.

“In high school, I studied social studies. Therefore, as soon as I graduated, I enrolled in a Law and Psychology study program at a university. Unfortunately, I didn’t get accepted. Incidentally, I don’t like rote subject matter,” he said.

Realizing that humanities is not his field, Adam tries to “cross over”. If many high school students majoring in natural sciences switched to the social studies program while in college, Adam tried to go against the grain by becoming an social studies graduate who chose the natural sciences study program.

Finally, Adam decided to continue his studies at Amikom Yogyakarta University. Without considering many things, he chose the Information Systems study program because there were so many enthusiasts. Even until he was successfully accepted as a student in the department, Adam still didn’t know what his future would be like.

Success in Adjusting Yourself to Learning in College

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When Adam’s days as an IT student began, he found something he had been looking for, namely a suitable way of learning. Feeling that studying in the Information Systems study program does not require him to memorize, Adam feels at home. He just needs to hone his logical thinking. Finally, Adam realized that he had taken the right path towards his future.

The compatibility of this learning method succeeded in growing Adam’s confidence to seriously prepare himself to become a digital talent. In addition, on CRYP Email List campus, Adam has many opportunities to implement his knowledge. The many practical activities in the field of technology made Adam even more comfortable.

Adam, who was happy with the learning by doing learning method , finally became acquainted with SIB Dicoding after hearing the stories of his friends who were participants in the first cycle of the program. From his friends, he learned that studying in one of the Merdeka Campus programs does not only rely on theory, but is also based on practice.

“I also researched and found that the SIB Dicoding program offers Front-End Web and Back-End learning opportunities up to the advanced level. Seeing that this program is also under the auspices of the Merdeka Campus, I am even more interested in registering. This is because students do not need to pay a penny to participate,” he said.

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