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Creative Talents who Study Technology at SIB Dicoding

The story of Rachma Yuni Andari, a creative talent who studies technology in a Certified Independent Study Program (SIB) Dicoding

“Don’t let anything stop you from being the woman you want to be.” (Charlotte Freeman, Australian Author)

The quote from Charlotte  Creative Talents who  Freeman above is a series of favorite words of Rachma Yuni Andari (21), a graduate of SIB Dicoding Cycle 3 who is  currently studying at Alma Ata University, Yogyakarta. The owner of the nickname Rachma is a creative young woman with a high enthusiasm for learning.

Becoming a leading technology talent in the field of Machine Learning is his goal. Together with SIB Dicoding , Rachma tries to achieve this dream. How was Rachma’s learning journey during the process in this program? Here’s the full story.

Being a Creative Talent Since Middle School

Rachma Yuni Andari with high school friends

Rachma’s journey in the world of technology began with his hobby of tinkering with Adobe Photoshop applications in internet cafes Creative Talents who Turkey Mobile Number List  during middle school. This figure who is interested in the visual and creative world has been acquainted with the software since middle school.

This interest continued to grow until Rachma finally got her own laptop to explore her interests. At the same time, Blackberry smart phones began to be used by many people and Rachma was one of the users. Rachma’s interest in the world of design led him to meet a Blackberry theme maker application called “Theme Builder”.

This one application costs around Rp. 200,000 to Rp. 500,000, a large enough price for Rachma, who was still in junior high school at that time. However, his very strong determination to learn a lot about design kept him from buying the application so he could explore.

After owning the Theme Builder application,

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Rachma began honing her creativity by making various Blackberry smartphone themes. He then sells the theme works for Rp. 20,000 to Rp. 30,000. Not only that, Rachma was moved to create more by selling simple logo creation services for online shops .

Rachma’s experience working in the world of visuals and technology is what made her see that the digital world can not only help her to sharpen her creativity and channel her interests, but also act as a problem solver.

Over time, Rachma’s interest in the world CRYP Email List of technology grew and led her to continue her education at university.

Creative Talents Who Aspire to Become Tech Talents
Rachma in college

After high school, Rachma continued her studies at Alma Ata University, Yogyakarta, in the Informatics study program. His decision to study at the department was inseparable from his interest in the world of technology since childhood.

While in college, Rachma became an active figure in organizations. In fact, he was entrusted with being the Head of the Communication and Information Department at the Informatics Student Association, Alma Ata University, Yogyakarta. This experience shaped Rachma into a person who likes to socialize.

As a student who will be facing her final year of college, Rachma is aware that as a digital talent candidate, she must have sufficient provisions to be able to have a career one day. Therefore, he decided to find out more about the Merdeka Campus program and came to the program’s festival which was held.

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