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What is the difference between an MSP and an MSSP?

The main difference between a manag service provider . ( msp ) and a manag security service provider ( mssp ) is easy to spot: it’s the “ security ” factor. While msps are increasingly expanding their areas of expertise and focus. , an mssp provides a high level of expertise and service restrict to cybersecurity . Through constant monitoring and the use of proactive security strategies. Understanding the difference between an msp and an mssp can help your customers . Select the resources their business nes , while also helping msps like you understand . What level of cybersecurity service they can offer ,. Before recommending the services of an mssp . 

What is a Managed Security Service Provider

An mssp is a company that provides outsourc security services.  Software, or expertise to other companies. Mssps provide their advanc cybersecurity expertise . To companies that prefer to outsource their management. The choice to work with an mssp is often latest database a supplement or alternative to an internal security.  Operation center (soc) . Companies may choose to outsource to an mssp because they cannot employ their.  Own in-house soc, as it does not have the right it skills. Additionally, companies in highly regulat industries such as banking.  And healthcare rely on the expertise of the mssp to ensure their network is secure and compliant. Mssp services typically include proactive approaches such as a manag firewall.  Vpn and antivirus configuration and management, event monitoring . And alerting, threat detection and prevention capabilities, and incident response

How is an MSSP different from an MSP?

They can also help their clients identify and respond to a cybersecurity breach. How is an mssp different from an msp? Both msps and mssps are service providers, but they perform very different roles. While many msps are expanding their cybersecurity CRYP Email List  capabilities, their.  Primary focus remains on supporting their clients’ it nes . You could say that the msp’s bread and butter is it management, while the mssp’s bread and butter is security. With security at the forefront of customers’ minds, many msps are including cybersecurity . Services such as firewalls, endpoint protection and email filtering .  This is enabling msps to improve their customers’ security posture.  But complete protection is still a long way off . 

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