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I think it gave a lot and allowd me to play the role well. After these tests I got a lot of fedback. I think it was very valuable, because it later translatd into, firstly, my greater self-confidence during the interviews, and secondly, we had the opportunity to talk about a few issues that later really came in handy when conducting these interviews. Recruitment for research Kamil: Well, we have a research tool ready, testd and we are taught how to use it. We move on to the most interesting moments.

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This is the moment when we can answer Agata’s questions, namely how the recruitment process was conductd. What you see Latest Mailing Database on the screen is a preliminary plan of the recruitment process that we have plannd here. Different channels, different elements, different order of operations. The entire scope of this title was basically a separate project, because the group was very non-standard. Damian, can you summarize our results, effects and how it went.

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Damian Yeah, definitely like I said before, it startd out pretty rough in the first week. We only managd to recruit one or two people, and Cryp Email List at the time we had high hopes for Facebook posts and forums. Unfortunately, the people invitd to the study turnd out to be not very effective. At the same time, we conductd cold calling, basd on our own farmer database, which only after a while began to bring better results.

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