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Hourly vs Monthly Rates: Choosing an SEO Consultant

 DinoRANK shows said  Hourly vs competence with a number value that ranges from 0 to 1, with 1 being the highest competence, which allows us to make calculations. Let’s go back to our excel, the one that DinoRANK generates by default, this time cleaning only the search volume columns for each month. cpc adsense The next steps that we will do in this excel are the following: Create a new column and call it “CPC x Competition” Enter the formula “=C2*D2” Press “Enter” and then drag down to apply the formula to the rest of the boxes. Select the column and follow this route: Conditional formatting.

Default this Hourly vs time cleaning only the search volume

Color scales and select the one with top industry data shades from green to red through yellow. Now you have a visual file in which you can directly see which are the keywords with the most value and which are the least.  I already told you about this method in another post some time ago and I refresh it because it is still valid  Green keywords : they should be the most important in your niche: longer texts, internal links, keywords. Red keywords : you can give them the lowest priority.

Method in another post some time ago

Yellow keywords : you will give them CRYP Email List a medium priority This way, you can also check at a glance if the niche is going to be profitable. You see that there are not too many green boxes so, under normal circumstances, we would not risk setting up this niche because, a priori, it does not seem profitable. However, since it is a Call to Click niche, as I told you above, it has a different character from the informative Adsense niches by increasing the chances of the user clicking. If the possibilities of clicks increase, the profitability of the niche increases. This analysis helps us to draw a conclusion that I want to be burned into your nichero mind.

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