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Target keyphrase may be right in How frequently front of you. Pick one. If there are several closely relat phrases dont worry about the variations too much. Targeting one will target them all. There is an easy trick for seeing if youre looking at one keyphrase or two. Just search for them both and look at the search results. Lots of overlap Its really the same phrase. Caution When you optimize your page for a striking distance keyphrase dont accidentally de-optimize it for an even better keyphrase. Look again at the report. Which phrases are

Winning the most

Clicks Are there some big winners We dont want to shift the keyword targeting too far from those high-performing phrases. If the top-performing phrase is already in the business database page title and H1 header dont remove it from those places. Can I see this keyword data in GA4 Yes you can connect Google Search Console (GSC) to Google Analytics (GA4). This is done from the GA4 admin section. Its one of the Product Links at the bottom of the Properties menu. But once connect none of the GA4 report features work. You cant add filters you cant customize the report. Secondary dimensions and comparisons dont work. So you cant view the

Queries and average

business database

Of the articles that did the best in social mia what did their titles have in common? I want to understand the differences in the titles between the articles that work well in search and Cryp Email List social. What prompts are most likely to help me find these insights? Create a new metric that blends traffic and engagement call “Awesomeness” and show the top 5 articles for that new metric in two groups social and search That last

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