It turns out that this is the algorithm and technology behind PUBG Mobile

Have followed a series of algorithms or instructions that are embedded in it. Ha , what do you mean ? Yes, this regulates the course of the game, starting from determining where players fall, distributing items and weapons, to match mechanics and danger zones.

Here are some of them you need to know.

Matchmaking Algorithm
The existence of this algorithm is to meet opponents who are equal to the capabilities of the character you have. It includes a character matching process based on skill level , game mode , and player region.

Safe Zone AlgorithmThis algorithm

Is useful for knowing the safe zone in the game. He will calculate several factors.

Airplane Drop Algorithm
It is responsible for the plane’s crash Chief VP Operations Email Lists pattern and item placement . This item has an important role in the battle royal game which contains weapons, armor and other equipment.

Weapon Balancing Algorithm
In PUBG, we don’t take or get weapons carelessly. This algorithm aims to balance the advantages of weapons in the game.

Character Movement Algorithm

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This algorithm plays a role in controlling the movement of characters and NPCs ( non-player characters ) in the game. With it, any character is able to move realistically and is responsive to the player’s actions. The character will walk, run, jump, crawl, etc., and be reactive to obstacles.

Cheat Detection Algorithm
It is specially designed for cheating CRYP Email List players. Cheat how? Yes, it will analyze player activity using cheats , bots , or third party programs that violate player rules.


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